The Manufacturing of the famous Fish Soup
5 am, Boulogne awakes... The boats return to harbour with the fresh catch of the night... It's time to unload!
The fresh and eviscerated fishes are transported to our workplace in order to be used in fish soups withine 48 hours,
or frozen to keep them for future productions.

The boxes are unloaded and the freshness of each species is checked.
Then the production steps will begin shortly...
Only the best whole fish and traditional fish stock are used for the soup.
Once finely minced, the fish are sent to the cooking room.

In the meantime, the ingredients (production secret of the PERARD soups) are weight,
and then incorporated in the cooking-pots.
The soup is sieved to be smooth and homogeneous, and then bottled in glass jars. 
In order to respect the tough food hygiene laws, the jars must go through a steam jet before the filling. 
Once the jars have been carefully filled, they are automatically and hermetically capped and sealed.
A tickle of water running down the jars will clean them. Then, they will be stocked in big containers, and placed in autoclaves to be sterilized, process employed to  ensure the long-term perservation of the product.

Last but one step of the process : the Labelling
First, to guarantee a perfect sealing, each jar goes through a vacumm detector.
Then, the next step is the sticking of the labels on the jars, where the final traceability is written.
Packed in boxes of 2, 6 or 12, or in big boxes, the jars are sent throughout the world.