The "Label Rouge"

The Label Rouge is a french official sign for high quality products.
This high quality is regularly verified by sensory testing effected by consumers panels and/or experts jurys.
Several audits at each stages of the Label Rouge manufacturing, at many levels : 
- self-monitoring by the companies,
- by an ODG
- by a certifying agency which is independent and impartial, COFRAC accredited and authorized by the INAO.

As part of our company, the Label Rouge entails a soup made with :
- 5 mandatory fish species caught in sea,
- parfumed with saffron stigmas,
- more than 40% of fish (including 60% of whole fish),
- stricts deadlines all along the process,
- a valided labelling specifying the approval number at the bottom of the logo,
- 4 controls per year by the certification agency Avicert.