the "shaka" is a brand new sterilizer which shake while sterilizing, thus the flavour of our excellent fish soup is still at its best!
Advantages of the Shaka
  • Economic and sustainable development
- Time savings, for 800 jars the time is divided by 3 (1 hour instead of 3).
- Time savings as regards preheating and cooling.
- Total insulation, less heat losses.
- Ergonomic machine and possibility to treat every type of packaging.

  • Organoleptic and Label Rouge
- Organoleptic improvement, the sterilization is faster and the taste close to the fresh soup.
- In the scope of the label rouge, more intense flavour of the saffron and the ingredients.
- A colour closer to the fresh soup.
- An increase of the vitamins and polyphenol content, a reduction of the salt content, thos due to a faster cooking.
- The product is homogenous thanks to the Shaka system.
  • Safety and working conditions
Elimination of the hazards workers encouter, automatic loading and unloading of the autoclave baskets.
- Suppression of the steps concerning the jars shaking one by one.